Top 6 Home Remedies For Knee Injury


Knee injury can be very painful and may lead to a lot of other discomfort like swelling. Knees are considered to be a complex part of the body that is prone to injuries. Knees undergo constant wear and tear as we walk, bend, run, jump or climb up and down the stairs.

knee injury

These regular activities affect the knees and gradually make them weak. There are many methods of treatment that can give you relief from knee injury and other discomfort that it brings along but you may have to shell out a lot of money to bear the medical expenses for curing a knee injury.

Fortunately, there are certain home remedies that can effectively treat a knee injury. Some of the important home remedies include compression, elevation, ice therapy, coconut oil, edible lime and turmeric.

Easy Home Remedies For Treating Knee Injury

Ice Therapy

As soon as your knee gets injured make sure you apply good amount of ice to the affected area. You will need an ice bag to easily apply ice on the injured knee.

However, if you are unable to buy an ice bag, make one at home or instead use a frozen pea’s bag for ice therapy on the knee injury.

You can leave it for about 30 minutes or more, depending on till how long you can bear the cold. You may need to repeat this remedy 4-5 times a day to get better results.

ice therapy


Compression is also an effective way of treating knee injury at home. Try to wrap an elastic bandage over the affected knee. Wrapping bandage around the injured knee can minimize the building up of fluids around your knee joint.

Make sure that the knee is tightly wrapped with the bandage so that it perfectly hugs your knee. However, it should be loose enough so that it does not lead to red indentations on your skin.



Elevating your leg can also help in reducing the fluid buildup that will in turn encourage healing. It is one of the best home remedies for treating knee injuries. You can easily keep your legs elevated by putting your leg over a set of two pillows on your bed, coffee table or couch.

elevate feet

Edible Lime And Turmeric

Edible lime and turmeric is also considered to be an effective home remedy for curing knee injury. Make a thick paste using edible lime and turmeric in appropriate amounts and apply it on the injured knee to get relief from the problems caused by knee injury. Leave it overnight and then remove it with a wet sponge.

edible lime

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Coconut Oil Massage

Massaging also helps in treating the knee injury very effectively. You just need about half a cup of coconut oil and heat it so that it becomes lukewarm. Massage the affected knee gently to get effective results.

You may need to massage it for a couple of days to get relief from the pain and other discomforts caused by a knee injury. The coconut oil massage improves the circulation of blood in the affected region and relieves the pain.

coconut oil

Milk And Turmeric

Milk and turmeric when mixed together works wonder in treating knee injury. You need to take about a glass of lukewarm milk and add around a teaspoon of turmeric to it. Then drink this milk and turmeric solution to get instant relief from pain.