Top 6 Home Remedies For Loose Motion


Loose motion is one of the most common problems that every person suffers from at one or the other point of their lives. It is the frequent passage of watery or loose unformed stools. Though is very common with children, you may also notice this in adults. Weak digestive system is one of the most important causes of loose motion.

loose motion

There are many natural home remedies that can help cure the problem of loose motion. You can also take some precautionary measures to avoid the aggravation of this problem such as avoid eating fried or spicy food. Try to consume yogurt, banana, starchy food, potatoes and buttermilk to control the loose motion and provide you with some relief from loss of excessive water from the body due to loose motion.

Effective Home Remedies For Loose Motion


Buttermilk works wonder in controlling loose motions and help you keep hydrated. The buttermilk contains an effective acid that fights bacteria and germs that often cause loose motion. You can mix a salt to taste and drink buttermilk at least thrice a day to get some relief from loose motion.

butter milk


Banana helps to treat the symptoms of loose motions and bring back the digestive system to normal. You can eat ripe or raw bananas to get some relief from loose motion. You can mix banana and curd together to enhance its effect. Also, you can boil raw banana and make a chop of it and eat it with salt to cure loose motion with increased taste.



Yogurt is also a wonderful home remedy for treating loose motion. The best yogurt is considered to be those with live cultures. This yogurt can reach to your intestines and provide you with relief from loose motion.

Sometimes, even heavy doses of antibiotics can cause loose motions. In such a situation eating live culture yogurt can tremendously help you get some relief from loose motion.


Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd can also work wonders in treating loose motion. Try to drink fresh bitter gourd juice at least twice a day to restore the unusual water loss in your body.

bitter gourd

Starchy Food

Eating starchy food like rice with lots of starch or tapioca cereals can help treat loose motion. You can prepare the tapioca cereal and try to make it as thick as you can eat it. Try to avoid adding a lot of salt or sugar to it, as this may aggravate the condition.

Potatoes also contain starch and can be eaten to treat symptoms of loose motion. Try to eat them boiled without frying as frying can again increase the discomforts of loose motion. White rice cooked with a lot of starch is considered to be one of the best starchy foods for treating loose motion.


Lots Of Fluids

Drinking a lot of fluids can help cure the problems related to loose motion. You may even need to increase your regular intake of water to get some relief from loose motion. Try to mix electrolytes to plain water for keeping your body hydrated and maintaining the glucose level in the body.