Top 7 Herbal Remedies For PCOS


Polycystic ovary syndrome, commonly known as PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects women. It leads to distressful symptoms like unwanted facial hair, acne, abnormal menstrual cycle and infertility. This condition usually begins in adolescence and continues throughout the childbearing years of a woman.


There are several medicines that attempt to maintain a hormonal balance but it may have some side effects, so people prefer to adopt herbal remedies for treating PCOS. Though, there are no scientific proofs that confirm the effectiveness of herbal remedies for this hormonal imbalance but many people have benefited from this.

There are a number of herbal remedies that you can use to experience a relief, as it helps reduce the severity of the PCOS symptoms. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor before using any of the herbal remedies for polycystic ovary syndrome.

Effective Herbal Remedies for PCOS

Licorice Root

The licorice root is an effective herb that is used to make natural medicines for various conditions including infertility and PCOS. It can be easily combined with other herbs to treat this hormonal disorder.

However, this herb may cause some unwanted interactions with various prescription medicines, medical conditions or foods, so it is recommended to confirm the usage of this herb with your doctor before you begin using it.


Chaste Tree Berry

Chaste tree berry or chasteberry, is one of the most effective herbal remedy, which is used for treating different hormonal disorders in women. This herb gets its name from its various uses involved around treating different problems related to the reproductive organs of women.

It helps treat various symptoms of PCOS like infertility, excessive menstrual bleeding and painful breasts. However, you should not use this herb if you are planning to start a family or are taking any prescription medicines for treating your hormonal imbalance.


Saw Palmetto

Hirsutism or the problem of excessive growth of unwanted hair on the face, abdomen and chest of a woman is one of the most daunting symptoms of PCOS.

This problem occurs due to the excess of male hormone, androgens in a female body. Saw palmetto is one of the best herbs that help reduce this symptom with its anti androgenic effects.

saw palmetto

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh helps treat the hormonal fluctuations, often found in PCOS.This herb works towards treating the different symptoms of PCOS such as cramps, PMS and anxiety. But this herb is not recommended for women who have pre-existing liver problems.

black cohosh

Wild Yam

Wild Yam herb helps treat PCOS naturally and can be used to reduce various distressing symptoms of polycystic ovarysyndrome.

wild yam

Red Clover

Red clover flower is known to contain the female hormone estrogen like compounds called isoflavones.It has the power to alter the female hormones, so it is considered to treat different PCOS symptoms like infertility and menstrual problems like irregular menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding and breast pain.

red clover


Soy beans prove to be an effective herb in minimizing the problems due to PCOS. It contains isoflavones, the same compound found in red clover flower and helps fight the hormonal imbalances caused to estrogen deficiencies.