Top 7 Home Remedies For Nightfall


Nightfall is a common disorder found both in men and women. It is considered to be a natural biological activity that the body feels the need to perform but it can be very embarrassing at times. Nightfall is also termed as wet dreams and is also known as nocturnal emission.

night fall

In this disorder people masturbate and ejaculate or lubricate the vagina in their dreams. Apart from being embarrassing, this disorder may also cause physical weakness and must be treated effectively. Many times people feel shameful to discuss this problem with anyone, including the doctor.

In such a situation, it is best to opt for some effective home remedies for treating nightfall. Some of the easy home remedies for treating this disorder include yogurt, sage tea, fenugreek, sesame oil and celery leaves.

Most Effective Home Remedies For Treating Nightfall


Fenugreek is one of the best home remedies for treating the problem of wet dreams. You just need to mix about 2 tsp of fenugreek juice with one tsp of honey.

Consume this mixture every day before going to sleep at night. This will help regulate the hormones and prevent nightfall to a great extent.


Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is also an important home remedy for treating nightfall. You need to mix equal amounts of bottle gourd juice and sesame oil. Massage your hair and scalp with this mixture each night before you go off to sleep.

This is a very effective remedy that can be easily performed at home without spending a lot of money. Once you practice this for a couple of days, you will feel the effect yourself.

seasme oil

Sage Tea

Sage tea can cure your nightfall problem completely within a couple of days. You need to drink the sage tea regularly every night before sleeping at night. This is considered to be an effective home remedy.

In addition, you can even take a bath in the water, which is nicely mixed with some effective essential oils like sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, Roman chamomile or rose petals.

sage tea

Celery Leaves

Celery is a wonderful home remedy for treating nightfall easily. You need to extract the juice from the leaves of celery, which you can easily find celery leaves in any grocery store. Then mix it properly with honey. Consume this mixture each day on a regular basis to get rid of this embarrassing problem of nightfall.


Raw Onion

Raw onion can also work wonders in treating the nightfall problem. You can either eat it as a salad or use the paste and use it in making your vegetables or meat. It can be taken in any form to help you fix this disorder naturally at home.


Wholegrain Cereals

Wholegrain cereals are also beneficial for treating nightfall disorder. These cereals are rich in vitamin B that helps in curing this problem effectively. You can also include nuts in your daily diet to treat nightfall.


Lettuce Seeds

Lettuce seeds can also work wonders in treating this medical condition. You can mix half a liter of water and mix one tablespoon of lettuce seeds to it.

Let this mixture boil for sometime till the quantity reduces to one-third of its original quantity. Drink this hot before going to bed at night to cure nightfall.