Top Herbs For Herpes


herbal remedies for  herpes Herpes is commonly known as a sexually transmitted disease. Herpes, whether genital or oral, is caused by the spread of the same virus. The herbs used for treating both kinds of herpes are same. Herpes is an incurable disease, however, one can use herbal remedies to reduce its intensity and frequency of outbreak.

Herbal remedies are inexpensive and those suffering from herpes can enjoy normal life without burning a hole in their pockets. Also, herbs are far better antiviral and antibacterial as compared to any prescription drug for herpes.

Top Herbs For Herpes


Garlic is one of the best antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral herbs available to us. Garlic is rich in more than eighty sulfur compounds which are in fact used in the manufacturing of many medicines containing sulfa. Nature has already provided us with a natural sulfa rich herb thus eliminating the need for prescription drug with the same properties.

Garlic is more effective than any other medicine for treating herpes. For treating herpes, you must eat fresh raw garlic. Start by eating three to five cloves of crushed garlic. If the strong taste of garlic bothers you then mix it in honey and eat the same for reducing the intensity of herpes virus.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm has gained lot of popularity as an alternative cure for herpes in the recent years. Lemon Balm is an antiviral and works internally to stop the spread of herpes virus. You can start by having lemon balm herbal tea two to three times in a day. Externally, you can apply a cooled lemon balm tea bag on the affected area. Lemon Balm has mild tranquilizing effect and will help you sleep better at night. You can also apply lemon balm tincture on the affected parts.

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Goldenseal is another herb with antibacterial and antiviral properties and is milder than garlic. Unlike garlic, goldenseal can be applied externally on the affected parts because it is a gentle herb. However, goldenseal has mild effect and its affect may take a while to appear.


Licorice is helpful in rendering the herpes virus inactive. You can take Licorice capsules and even apply creams containing licorice extracts on the affected parts. Please note that licorice may cause adverse effect in people who are already suffering from high blood pressure and heart problems or if you are pregnant.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng helps in reducing the severity of ginseng.  Many people have confirmed that frequency of herpes outbreak increases when they are emotionally stressed.

Even scientific research has confirmed the same. Siberian Ginseng helps the body deal with emotional and physical stress caused due to pollution, working conditions, physical exertion, extreme heat or cold and exposure to chemicals. Siberian Ginseng may not show immediate results; hence, you must remain patient and continue having this herb for several days.

Herpes may be incurable, but you can still enjoy good health with the help of natural herbs and home remedies.

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