6 Top Korean Skin Care Tips to Achieve Gorgeous Skin


6 Top Korean Skin Care Tips to Achieve Gorgeous Skin

Koreans are best known for their glowing and youthful skin, and Korea has definitely found a pride of place on the beauty map. An average Korean woman spends a great deal of time and money in nurturing her skin. Korean women are really skin-conscious and it gets reflected in the form of healthy and radiant skin that makes everyone envious.

The daily skincare regime of Korean women includes at least ten skincare products and cosmetics. They also depend on some natural and herbal ingredients to nourish and pamper their skin. Some of the key Korean skincare tips are discussed below.

A Sneak Peak into Korean Skincare Regime

Remember that less makeup and more skincare is the basic beauty mantra of Korean beauties. Nourishing and nurturing their skin with the right natural and herbal ingredients helps a great deal in attaining perfect skin tone.

Their daily skincare regime involves cleansing, massaging, toning, moisturizing etc. using many natural ingredients. This helps them in maintaining a rejuvenated and perfect complexion.

Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing For Gorgeous Skin

Koreans take the procedure of cleansing quite seriously and they do the job rather religiously. Korean women remove makeup from their face before retiring to bed with a cleansing oil, and then use a suitable cleanser to make their face squeaky fresh.

There are many branded cleansing oils available, which ensure that the face is cleaned without stripping off the natural oils and serums. All traces of makeup and grime can be safely and gently removed with these oils. You can also use almond, coconut or olive oil to remove makeup, followed by a foaming cleanser. Double cleansing ensures that the pores of the skin are unclogged and it will be able to breathe while you sleep.

Facial Massage

Facial Massage For Gorgeous Skin

Almost all Korean beauties will swear on the importance of facial massage in revealing beautiful skin that exudes radiance. A good facial massage does a great deal to promote blood circulation. They prefer to massage using essential oils at least three times a week.

Facial massage improves the suppleness and elasticity of facial skin. People with acne prone skin are advised to refrain from regular facial massages, since it will activate sebaceous glands resulting in more breakouts.

Facial Mask

Facial masks facilitate purification of the skin and give rejuvenated glow instantly. People with acne prone skin can indulge more in face masks, since it gives the effect of a good massage. While washing off the face pack after leaving it for the prescribed time, massage and scrub the face to discover radiating glow. The process will gently remove all the excess oil and impurities from your skin.

Facial Mask For Gorgeous Skin

Application of green tea face mask is very common among Koreans. Green tea face masks are a great way to take advantage of the anti-oxidants and skin-nourishing properties of green tea. Facial masks should preferably be applied after cleansing.

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Skin toning

Skin toning For Gorgeous Skin

Toners are essential in Korean skincare regime, since they are great in stripping off dead skin cells from the skin. Skin toners also help in closing and tightening the pores. One needs to select a toner that is suitable for her/his skin type.


Serum enjoys pride of place among all the beauty products of Korean women. These liquid concentrated formulas are used to rectify skin problems. When applied on skin after cleansing and toning, these treatments will dramatically enhance the skin tone.

Packed with nutrients, these serums penetrate deep into the skin layers, nourishing each skin cells. Application of serum is usually followed by moisturizers.

Serum For Gorgeous Skin


A good quality branded moisturizer suiting your skin type can go a long way on achieving a hydrated and supple skin. Moisturizers ensure soft skin and promote more elasticity to the skin.

There are many Korean skincare products that are infused with herbal extracts such as squaline, Macadamia Oil, ginseng etc. Korean women and actresses also regularly do facial stretching exercise to strengthen facial muscles. This also offers them with a defined jaw line and enviable facial structure.

Moisturize For Gorgeous Skin