Traveling Tips for Frequent Travelers

Are you a member of a frequent flier clubs with one or more airlines? Are you constantly on the go with little to no prior intimation about you trip? If you have answered yes to these questions then you are a person who lives out of his suitcase. In your case keeping a packed suitcase is recommended to avoid the hassle of going through the emotion several times a month.

If you are not too keen on having your clothes packed and always wearing the same clothes while traveling then chalk out a travel list for yourself. You carry on should hold your tickets, passport and itinerary. These should go in a pouch in your handbag. Other items that should be in your carry on are 3 sets of clothes; this is just in case your baggage is lost. Money, footwear and your eyewear can also be kept at hand.

Do not carry too many clothes and shoes. Mix and match sets are a good option. Also opt to take darker colored clothes as they are lesser maintenance. While cotton clothes are good for tropical climates they tend to wrinkle faster. Carry synthetic fabrics with you. Layer your clothes in your suitcase in order to save space. Use vacuum compressed bags as far as possible. Compartmentalize your suitcase separating your clothes from your inner wear and personal items.

With regards to your footwear try and carry only two pairs. You can wear your casual pair while traveling. Carry only the basic. Pack them in cloth or plastic bags to keep dirt off your clothes. Place smaller items like socks, perfume bottles and eyewear in your shoes to save space.

Always carry a few over the counter medicines with you as you never know when you may need it. Prescription drugs must always be in your handbag along with the prescription. This will help just in case you turn ill while traveling.

While traveling with kids make sure you have a good supply of formula and diapers with you. Carry both summer as well as winter clothes as children tend to fall ill while traveling. Your child’s favorite toy should be with her at all times to avoid tantrums while you are on the go.

A camera is a must have in your baggage while traveling in order to share important moments with everyone when you get back.