Treat A Gum Infection With These Natural Remedies

Treat A Gum Infection With These Natural Remedies

A gum infection stems from a gum disease. Though this can cause a lot of havoc in your mouth it is easy to treat this condition with a few home remedies. If it is not treated in the earlier stages it can lead to severe infection and even loss of the surrounding tooth. This infection is very serious and can even lead to heart diseases and attacks. Good oral hygiene is the best preventive tool against gum diseases.If the gum infection is causing unbearable pain or had led to the tooth getting swollen or bleeding gums then you can use clove oil to resolve the issue. Clove oil is an essential oil and hence it is very strong. Avoid applying it directly to the gums as it may cause a stinging sensation. In order to prevent this you can dilute the oil with olive oil and apply it to the area where the gums are bleeding. The anti inflammatory properties of the oil will help to soothe the aching gums and prevent infections in that area.

Clove oil

Vitamin C helps to relieve gum diseases. Strawberries and limes are rich sources of this vitamin and hence you can use them to soothe the infection. Blend a handful of strawberries and add lemon juice to the mix. Rinse your mouth with the juices to get rid of the infections and to prevent swelling and bleeding of the gums. You could also brush the area with this juice; avoid applying pressure though.


If the infection is severe then you will not be able to chew any foods. In this case eat plenty of unflavored yogurt. The enzymes in the yogurt are helpful to the gums and they will prevent the spread of the infection.

Coconut oil and vitamin E oil help to get rid of harmful bacteria and they must be used in generous amounts on the infected area. Massage the oil gently on the infected area and let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing your mouth. The natural anti bacterial properties of the oil will help to get rid of the infection and soothe the swelling on the gums.

Coconut oil