Treat Anemia- Use The Best Herbs

Anemia means lack of blood cells in our body. In simple words, anemia occurs in the body due to deficiency of RBC (Red Blood Cells) or less amount of sufficient hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, to protect our blood from the disease we should learn the tips to cure the disorder.

Hemoglobin is an essential element of blood, which is responsible to pass on the red color. The meaning of the word ‘Hemoglobin’ is Heme- the iron compound and Globin- the protein part. The normal variable amount of hemoglobin is from 13 to 16 mg/dl in adult male and 11 to 15 mg/dl in adult female. It supplies oxygen from lungs to the tissues of our body. So, lack of hemoglobin in the blood, leads to poor functioning in the respiratory system, which causes many disorders in our body.

Classification of anemia

Different types of anemia are Aplastic anemia, Megaloblastic anemia, Iron deficiency anemia, Pernicious anemia, inherited anemia, sickle cell anemia and above all Thalassemia.

Some symptoms

Dull and pale skin, pale colored nails & lips, and extreme weakness & tiredness while working are some symptoms of Anemia. Difficulty in breathing, constipation, lack of energy, severe headaches, nausea and regular low-grade fever can also be the symptom of it.

Some causes

Anemia might be caused if RBC is not being produced in sufficient quantity or too many RBC are being destroyed in the body. Anemia can occur for loss of blood due to injury, piles, menstruation, etc. Come dangerous diseases like kidney failure, tuberculosis, cancer, etc may also cause the syndrome. In addition, deficiency of vitamins and iron also causes anemia.

The perfect herbal remedies to treat anemia

Extract juice of raw ash gourd fruit and drink it in the morning when your stomach is empty. The juice of beet enriches the mineral content in our body like iron, sulphur, iodine and calcium. It also supplies vital vitamins in our body.

Cooked fenugreek leaves can act as effective blood tonic as these are good for blood formation. The fenugreek seeds also help to maintain proper iron content in our body. A decoction of Gokulakanta roots, which purifies our blood, can be given to the patient who suffers from the problem. The mixture of apple cider vinegar, lemon and honey is one of the beneficial herbal remedies to cure anemia.

In addition to that above remedies, bathing with hot Epsom water for 10 minutes in a week can be helpful in curing this hazard. Regular body massaging is also very beneficial in maintaining right blood circulation in our body.

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