Treat Bacterial Vaginosis and Avoid it Too

Are you one of those women who have a white yellowish or grayish discharge especially after having sex that smells real bad? You are not alone and every one woman out of seven suffer from a similar problem namely bacterial vaginosis. This is nothing but bacteria which has started to rule over your vaginal region just like weeds take over an otherwise lush lawn. It is better to take over the reign and treat this bacterial infection and also take steps to avoid it altogether.

If one notices just a white discharge it is wrong to assume that one has bacterial vaginosis. Anaemic conditions, diabetes, pelvic infection erosion of the cervix or even early malignancy may cause this white discharge. Some of the main culprits for this condition are douching, sex and the use of IUDs. The bacteria Gardnerelle Vaginalis flourish in the vagina region and multiply.

The first step one should take to start to treat this condition is to go consult a gynecologist. A swab of the discharge will be taken for pathological examination. This would help to identify the cause and the type of bacteria causing it. Never neglect this condition, as bacterial vaginosis could also be the start of the development of sexually transmitted diseases. One could be also prone to sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, HIV and to pelvic inflammatory diseases that could also make you infertile.

Sex should be strictly avoided during treatment. This is mainly due to fact that the sexual organs and the vagina need rest. Besides it is also necessary to avoid any other bacterial infection also. Your doctor may start you on Metronidazole gel and Flagyl tablets to reduce the intensity of the bacterial vaginosis. In severe cases you may also be given doses of antibiotics like clindamycin.

To avoid subsequent attacks of bacterial vaginosis it is best to avoid IUDs and also change ones method of birth control. Oral contraceptives could help in such a situation. So dear woman do take steps to avoid doing things that causes bacterial vaginosis, but if you are affected do follow the doctor’s instructions strictly to treat the condition in the most effective way.