Treat Insomnia With Natural Remedies

Insomnia or sleeping disorders are a common problem with every age group.  Sound Sleep for 8 eight hours is necessary everyday to stay fit and healthy, but if you are not getting one that does not mean that you have to go to the doctor and get sleeping pills or some medication.

Sleeping disorders can be treated naturally without getting into the habit of taking medicines. There are just few changes that you need to make in your lifestyle to get better sleep and take help of some natural sleep inducers which are already present in your kitchen cabinet. SO just make use of them and have a nice sound sleep.

Regular physical activity like exercising for just half an hour or walking everyday for half an hour helps in inducing a good sleep. Exercising along with meditation keeps your mind cool and calm thus helping your brain to rest and sleep well.

Every morning when you get up expose yourself to sunlight or any bright light , this starts your body’s biological clock early in the morning and in the same way at night switch off all the lights except for night lamp or night bulbs , so that your body’s biological clock knows that lights are off and it’s time to sleep.

Taking a warm water bath at least an hour before sleeping. There are many sleep inducers which are commonly known that is like drinking chamomile tea before sleeping induces sleep naturally or drinking warm milk also is a natural sleep inducer but you never know whether you will get the taste of the two or not. So set a routine for night like listening to soft music or some easy yoga or meditation exercises to calm your mind.

HOPS are a natural remedy which is also a natural sleep inducer which comes in dried form of leaf. They can be mixed with your tea and taken and are also used for preserving beer. They induce sleep by relaxing our nervous system.

PASSION FLOWER is another natural sleep inducer very helpful in making you sleep. They are used in sleeping pills quite often as being real effective sleep inducers, so why not use them naturally as passion flower pills are available in the market without any chemical sedatives.

BINAURAL BEATS can also be used to induce a calm sleep these are the latest form of technology where if you listen to these binaural beats it will keep a check on the brain’s frequencies and induce the signals of rest in your brain. These beats are not harmful but might be addictive but better than sleeping pills or drugs.

KAVA KAVA is also a natural tranquilizer which helps in reducing anxiety. Kava kava turns off your brain at night howsoever restless you are thus reducing the anxiety in your mind and makes you sleep better. It is available in pills or liquid form too.

Chamomile is also very well known sleep inducer generally available in the form of tea. It relaxes your nerves thus letting you sleep well at night, it is available in capsule form also.

A glass of warm milk contains tryptophan which helps in sleeping. Ayurvedic herb called BRAHMI is also effective sleep inducer. Eating legumes, fish or poultry products or peanuts also gives healthy sleep. Thus by following or using any of the above sleep inducers you can get a good sleep without popping sleeping pills.