Treat Shoulder Pain with Home-Based Cures

As the shoulders are known as one of the most movable joints of the body, it is also known to be the most potentially unstable part of the body. Pain in the shoulders is a widespread problem that limits the movement of the shoulders.

It is usually caused with the problems of the shoulder joints as well as its surrounding structures. Some of the major causes of shoulder pain include bursitis, frozen shoulder, shoulder instability, rotator cuff tear, shoulder dislocation, labral tear, calcific tendonitis, arthritis, SLAP lesions etc.

Exercises, therapies as well as a huge lot of home remedies are the major remedies of the pain in the shoulders:

Exercises: Exercise plays a massive role in the treating of the shoulder pain. Some of these exercises are in fact totally simple and can be easily conducted at home.

One such exercise is by lying face down at the side of the bed and allowing an arm to hang on the side. Now, slowly raise that arm with the bend elbows up to the level of the shoulder and again lowering it back. This has to be repeated with the other hand.

Hot and cold compress: Whenever there is a shoulder pain, identify the area of the affected shoulder and place ice on to that area for a period of about 30 minutes. Then warm the area up with the help of hot compression bags for about 15 minutes.

This process has to be continued for about an hour. Again, after the completion of the exercises, if the individual having the pain faces stiffness in the shoulders, the ice bag has to be put on to the shoulder to get relief.

Posture: When the individual facing the stiffness in the shoulder lies down in resting or sleeping position, a pillow should be used in order to rest the shoulders. The shoulders should be tried to keep above the level of the heart and this posture should be tried to maintain when he is sleeping. It helps the shoulder to recover fast if not instant recovery from shoulder pain.

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