Treat Your Wisdom Tooth Through Home Remedies

Wisdom tooth or the third molar generally appears in the teenagers and young adults of 15-24 years of age. Eruption of the third molar is not observed with each and every individual, but its eruption does bring in a host of problems resulting in the bacterial infection, medically termed as Pericoronitis. In many cases, the wisdom tooth erupts in a wrong alignment due to lack of space causing extreme discomfort to the sufferer.

Cause and Symptoms:

The flap of the gum tissue formed from Pericoronitis becomes the site of infection due to the accumulation of left over food particles, providing ideal conditions for the thriving of streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria. As a result, the surrounding area of the gum becomes inflamed followed by acute pain and mild pain. In severe cases, the pain becomes intolerable causing the infection to spread to the surrounding areas below the jaw line.

Swelling of the cheeks is also observed and the person experiences extreme difficulty in moving his jaw while chewing. Foul odor persists in the mouth with the formation of pus. Swelling of the lymph nodes beneath the chin is also observed occasionally. The pain generally lasts for 3-4 days in mild cases while it may last for several weeks in case the wisdom tooth is extracted.

You can treat wisdom tooth infection through simple home remedies in the initial stages. If the home remedies do not produce the desired results within 2-3 days, then immediately consult a dentist. The dentist may take X- Rays of the wisdom tooth to determine its alignment and treat accordingly. A course of antibiotic and pain killers for a week can cure the infection completely, but in many cases tooth extraction is the only option for permanent cure.

Wisdom tooth home remedies:

It is always advised to take precautionary steps whenever you sense the eruption of wisdom tooth that will help to check the infection. Maintenance of perfect oral hygiene through proper brushing techniques and thorough rinsing of the mouth is the most important step in preventing and treating wisdom tooth infection.

Sucking ice cubes at frequent intervals throughout the day helps in reducing the pain to a great extent preventing further spreading of the infection. Ice makes the veins of the gums numb thus alleviating the pain. This treatment is highly approved by doctors in all types of toothache.

Rinsing the mouth with lukewarm salt water or mouthwash several times a day is very effective in reducing the bacterial infection and pain of wisdom tooth. You can use juice of Wheatgrass as an effective mouthwash. Use of clove oil is quite popular in treating toothaches and it is also effective in reducing pain from wisdom tooth. If you develop any sore on the gum from clove oil, immediately stop using it.

Place a piece of garlic or onion on the affected wisdom tooth. The antibacterial properties of garlic and onion will help in reducing the wisdom tooth infection. You can also try the same treatment with a pinch of asafetida. Never apply hot compress on the inflamed areas of the wisdom tooth. The treatment may provide short term comfort, but it will hasten the spread of infection to the surrounding areas.