Treating Abdominal Pain

A treatment for abdominal pain depends on the factor that causes the pain. Women suffer from menstrual cramps that lead to abdominal pain. Certain foods can also create an allergic reaction. Though there are several remedies that you can try at home to get rid of the pain; if it persists for more than 12 hours then I recommend that you visit a doctor for a diagnosis.When you suffer from stomach ache you need to increase your fluid intake. Water, juices and herbal teas will help to soothe the pain in your stomach. You must eat light foods. Avoid foods that are cooked in oil, fatty foods, caffeine based drinks and alcohol. Avoid drinking any aerated beverages too as they may increase the pain.

Herbal teas are effective remedies for stomach pain. Brew a cup of light tea and add a piece of ginger to the tea. It will cure the pain in your stomach and prevent flatulence. You could also brew a cup of cumin tea. Boil a cup of water with a spoon of cumin seeds in it. Filter the tea in order to get rid of the seeds and drink it warm. You can add honey to the tea blend to sweeten it.

Hot compresses help to ease the pain in the abdomen. You could apply heat to your stomach area or take a warm bath to ease your discomfort. Add lavender essential oil to your bath water; it will help to relax your senses.

Avoid exercising when you suffer from a stomach ache. Resting and relaxing will help to reduce your discomfort. If the pain in the stomach is accompanied with a burning sensation then you must have a bowl of fruit or yogurt. Drinking plenty of water will also ease the inflammation in your stomach.

If the stomach ache is due to constipation then drinking warm water will ease your discomfort. Walk for a few minutes after you drink the warm water; this will help you to have a bowel movement.