Treating Asthma with Lemon Juice

If you suffer from asthma then you are aware that you need to take care of yourself well in order to prevent an attack. Though there are plenty of anti boitics that are used to treat this condition many people prefer to look at home remedies to cure this condition.

If you are looking at home and natural remedies to treat asthma then most of them will revolve around vitamin C based food. Lemons and cranberries are the perfect cures for asthma. Let’s start with lemons. They are rich in vitamin C and the anti viral, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of the fruit helps to clear congestion, nasal passages and also bronchial passages. Adding lemons to your diet is simple and easy.

Squeeze the juice of a lemon in warm water and add a spoon of honey to the water. Drink this juice warm before you go to bed at night and in the morning before you have breakfast. Drinking the juice of the lemon in this way helps to clear congestion. As a matter of fact you can drink the juice with your meals or throughout the day; this helps to increase your intake of vitamin C naturally.

Another way to fight asthma attacks with lemon is to soak a piece of ginger in the juice and leave it overnight. In the morning add the lemon juice to water and dilute it in water and drink it.

Mix a spoon of Calgary sage in the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Stir the mixture well and then apply it on your chest and back. Breathe in the strong fumes of the herbs that have been blended with the juice. It will melt the mucus and thin it out.

If you suffer from asthma attacks and normally have a chest cold and sore throat then you must rinse your mouth and gargle with lemon oil. It has therapeutic properties and helps to get rid of cold and congestion.