Treating Hair Fall Naturally At Home

Natural cures for treating hair fall are many and your house is full of natural products to repair the damage done to your hair. So why not use them to the fullest and have healthy shiny hair which everyone is jealous of. First step which needs to be taken towards controlling hair fall is eating healthy diet which is rich in proteins, full of fibres (leafy vegetables and salads), and vitamins and is nutritious as well.

Sometimes strong medication, stress and chronic illness or post partum women also experience severe hair loss but it can be treated with proper care and diet and exercise.

Massaging your scalp is the best natural way to boost hair growth. Rubbing your scalp with fingers generates heat and increases blood circulation to the scalp thus making the sebaceous glands active, this result in reduction of hair loss. Henna leaves boiled in mustard oil make efficient massage oil; after boiling both of them strain them using a cloth and you can keep it for using in future. This helps in curing baldness.

Coconut milk made by crushing the shavings of coconut is also very good hair growth enhancer. If you do not have all these ingredients readily available just massage your scalp with olive oil for 15-20 minutes and after that wash them with a natural shampoo and then just see the shine and smoothness your hair will show.

To prevent hair loss you can also use a combination of dry amla and coconut oil. Boil both of them together and then strain the oil using a cloth. Massage your scalp with this amla oil. It is an efficient hair tonic which not only prevents hair loss but also enhances hair growth.

Massage should not be done with oil only there are few other natural recipes to boost hair growth like  mixing lemon juice and egg white in equal proportion and after applying it to the scalp wash it off with shampoo. This makes the root of the hair strong. Dandruff is another culprit which causes excessive hair fall so to remove dandruff mix amla juice and lemon juice equally and apply on the scalp and then wash it after 15-20 minutes. You will experience clean scalp free of dandruff.

Oranges and lemon peels should not be thrown out as waste. Instead dry them and make a powder of both and then apply before washing. They also help in reducing dandruff. Steaming your hair three or four times in a week also keeps your scalp clean and healthy. For this just soak your towel in hot water, squeeze it lightly and wrap it around your head for 10 minutes. If you steam them after hot oil massage then it will make your hair soft and silky because the scalp will have the open pores which will imbibe the oil in them.

Juice of fresh coriander applied on scalp also makes hair healthy and reduces hair fall. Mixture of Curd, lemon juice and mustard oil also helps in making hair healthy. Thus by making use of these homemade mixtures you can reduce hair fall and make your scalp healthy. This will make your hair soft, silky and shiny.