Treating Severe Joint Pains Through Effective Home Remedies

Severe joint pains mainly arise due to the degeneration of the bones and joints in aged persons. The symptoms of bone degeneration accompanied by mild pain appear in the mid forties that manifests with aging. Swelling and inflammation of the vital joints of the body, followed by acute pain are observed in the joints of knee,

hip, pelvic region, shoulder, ankles, wrists and even fingers. The high impact joints of the body like knee, hip and shoulder joints, are mostly affected reducing the mobility of a person to a great extent. Severe joint pains, medically termed as arthralgia, greatly affect the quality of life and if left untreated, can lead to permanent disability.


Degeneration of bones and joints sets in with aging giving rise to a number of debilitating bone disorders like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, bursitis and gout. Post menopausal women lose their bone density very fast due to lower levels of estrogen hormone giving rise to osteoporosis. Excessive mental stress causes an imbalance of the hormonal system often leading to joint pains.

Severe joint pains can also result from physical injuries, auto immune disease (Rheumatoid arthritis), low immunity system of the body or due to over use of the joints. Obesity exerts excessive pressure on the high impact body joints leading to severe joint pains.

Effective home remedies for treating severe joint pains:

Every middle aged person should be cautious with the early symptoms of joint pains, and practice some simple home remedies to prevent its severity.Maintaining a normal body weight through regular physical workouts is the most effective home remedy for treating severe joint pains. Exercising helps in improved blood circulation and strengthens the bones and joints.

Avoiding high carbohydrate and high fat diet is the next step to treat severe joint pains. Post menopausal women should increase their calcium intake through different low fat dairy products and calcium supplements.Massaging the painful joints with olive oil or castor oil is another effective home remedy for treating joint pains.

Taking Epsom salt bath regularly for half an hour improves blood circulation of the joints reducing the pain and inflammation to a great extent.Application of cold or hot compresses on the inflamed joints according to the advice of the doctor also alleviates the pain to a great extent.

You can also add a teaspoon of sea salt in your bathing water and relax in it for half an hour daily. This will also help in reducing severe joint pains.Warm little olive oil and massage on the painful joints to get relief from the pain.Application of sandalwood paste on the affected areas provides a soothing effect alleviating severe joint pains.

Similar application of hot vinegar also produces effective results in reducing the severity of joint pains.Drink a mixture of two teaspoonfuls each of apple cider vinegar and honey early morning in empty stomach to get relief from severe joint pains.