6 Natural Cures For Sunburn


Sunburn is a serious skin ailment. It is a burn to the living tissue due to the skin’s overexposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Almost everybody has faced sunburn or will become its victim at some point of time in their lives. Sunburn is literally a burn in the skin. It can be prevented with proper home remedies. There are many natural ways of treating sunburn.

Keeping Skin Cool

Keep Skin Cool

Whenever we realize that our skin has been sunburn, the best way of treating it is by jumping in a cool shower or lightly wipe down with a cool compress or a cool wash cloth. Minimal use of soap is essential to heal the damaged skin. One has to stay directly out of sunlight, wear light clothing and continue to rinse with cool water to get rid of the sunburn at the fastest possible time. Bath salts, oil, and perfumes should be avoided as they produce sensitivity reaction.

Aloe Vera Lotions

Aloe Vera

Use of aloe Vera soothes sunburn. There is no need to tear apart the aloe plant in the yard and apply the cool jelly like substance in the leaves though the direct application of the jelly from the leaves is very helpful in treating sunburn naturally. The lotions and moisturizers of aloe Vera are also capable of effectively curing the sunburn and making the skin feel comfortable.

Milk And Water

Milk And Water

Milk and water mixture is an effective natural remedy to sunburn. One has to cool compress the skin with equal quantities of milk and water for mild sunburn. It should be done until the skin becomes normal and regains the previous glow as it was before the sunburn.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

One should drink loads of water and stay hydrated to combat sunburn naturally. We have to keep in mind that dehydration and heat exhaustion are also one of the many reasons of sunburn.

Loose Clothes

Lose Cloths

Wearing loose fitting gentle clothes is essential in keeping the already tender skin from being rubbed more raw and irritated than it is already is. One should always resist scratching and breaking the water blisters and leave the skin alone and untouched as much as possible to get away with sunburn in the most painless way.

Cold Black Tea

Cold Black Tea

Cold black tea is also an effective sunburn soother. One has to put the cold black tea bags on the areas of sunburn softly. This effectively heals the area naturally.