Treating toothache with home remedies

One of the most common problems of teeth in today’s life is toothache, which is generally due to tooth decay. Besides this, mouth cavity along with mouth bacteria are also some of the reasons of tooth pain. Tooth decay can be the result of a number of factors like excessive eating of pastries, candies, chocolates, soft drinks and sweets in every single way.
Toothache Home Remedies:
Using clove/ clove oil: Application of clove oil on the aching tooth can relief you of the pain and irritation that are caused by toothache. Besides this, clove, because of the antiseptic properties can reduce pain effectively and a very good home remedy of toothache.
Using garlic: Garlic is a very good home remedy of toothache. If a garlic clove which is dipped in salt is placed under the affected tooth, it provides immediate relief.
Chewing wheatgrass: Chewing wheatgrass has been proved beneficial in dealing with toothache. As the gums release toxins by chewing wheatgrass, pain is relieved.
Using pepper: Mixture of ¼ teaspoon of common salt with a pinch of pepper is an excellent home remedy for tooth pain. Furthermore, a pinch of pepper mixed with half teaspoon of clove oil and applied under the decayed tooth can relief tooth pain effectively.
Using ice-cube: Placing an ice-pack on cheeks or an ice cube on the affected teeth 3 to 4 times a day for 15 minutes can reduce you of tooth pain.
Chewing onion: Chewing raw onion everyday for three minutes can clear the mouth of all harmful germs. This is an effective home remedy of toothache.
Using lime: Since lime is rich in vitamin C, it is useful for the health of teeth and gums. If a piece of lime is rubbed on the affected teeth, it provides immediate relief.
Using bay berry: Application of the paste of Bay berry and vinegar on the aching tooth can proof to be a useful home remedy for the toothache.
Chewing guava leaves: Toothache can be easily cured by chewing guava leaves.
Using vanilla: Two to three vanilla extract drops on the affected tooth can relieve the tooth pain instantly.
Proper brushing of teeth and intake of proper diet including raw vegetables and excluding sugar intake can prevent both tooth decay and toothache.