Treating Toothache with Natural Home Remedies

A toothache attacks when it is least welcome. We often ignore the early warning signs of ache and pain in the tooth and eventually this leads to a cavity that causes severe pain. This pain disrupts our daily schedule and hampers performance. A toothache is not only caused by a cavity; gum infections, jaw pain and even the eruption of a wisdom tooth can cause a lot of pain. It is not always easy to get an appointment with a dentist immediately and in the interim you need to deal with the pain. Home and herbal remedies will help you to handle the pain and ease it drastically.

Clove oil has been used for centuries as a cure for tooth ache and swelling of the gums. This essential oil is therapeutic and it ensures that one is able to ease the pain caused by a decaying tooth or a gum infection.

The oil offers relief in a fraction of a second however it has a very strong pungent taste and hence one needs to use it in small amounts in the mouth. Avoid touching your tongue on the area after you use the oil as it causes a stinging sensation on the tip of the tongue.

Garlic has therapeutic properties and this herb helps to get rid of the pain in the tooth and the mouth. Crush a small piece of garlic and place it in your mouth in order to get rid of the pain. This herb offers instant relief and gets rid of the germs and bacteria from the mouth instantly.

Lime also helps cure oral issues. Rinsing your mouth with lime juice will wash away all the bacteria from the mouth. In addition to this the juice will also reduce the pain in the tooth. You could also place a slice of lime in your mouth if the pain is unbearable. The citrus fruit will cure the pain in a matter of minutes.

If the pain is mainly caused by tooth decay then cinnamon will help you out. Place a piece of the herb in your mouth and relax for a few minutes. The herb will cure the main and reduce it drastically.