Treating Viral Infections With Essential Oils

essential oils

Essential oil is a highly strong take-out from a plant having oxygen, nutrients and chemicals. It can be in comparison to blood or hormones of a human body. A viral infection is a type of infection that is caused by a virus which is even smaller than bacteria. It is very difficult to kill virus as it has encapsulated protective coating, and they cannot grow without host cells.

Essential oils are thought-out to be the fundamental tools for improving human health and these oils helps to arrest various diseases that are caused by viruses and bacteria. The regular use of essential oil helps to develop body’s natural mechanisms to fight viral infection.

Boosting Immune system

Boosting Immune system

The function of the immune system of our body is largely related to the overall condition of our body as it is the natural line of defense of our body against all viral infections. Essential oils which have anti-viral properties in them are responsible in helping the body fight bacteria and viruses. Several essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, Melissa, tea tree, cistus, lemon, etc. have the property of boosting the immune system to fight these diseases.

Flu Virus


Our body immune system is largely responsible for the occurrence of flu or influenza. The anti viral properties of essential oil affect the cells and tissues that halt the virus multiplying capacity and thereby stopping the reproduction capacity of the virus from causing further damage and boosting the immune system.

Herpes virus


Melissa oil, tree tea oil and eucalyptus oil are largely responsible for antiviral activity against the Herpes virus. Furthermore, chamomile oil revealed a high selectivity index and is thought to be a promising candidate for topical therapeutic application as agents for treating herpes genilitis.



Fever is often considered to be a disease that is caused by viral infection in a particular organ. Hence it should never be neglected as it has the potency to develop critical complications. With the first sign of fever, many an essential oils containing anti-viral properties like bergamot, white fir, lavender, eucalyptus, sandal wood, tea tree, ginger, lemon, rosemary, etc. can be used effectively to cure the viral infection causing the disease.

Polio virus


Polio, at one point of time was considered to be a dreaded viral disease that caused a number of paralyses and death in human history. Modern research studies revealed that a large number of natural essential oils like Cyprus, ylang ylang, myrtle, lemon, etc. have antiviral properties that create a natural disease against this viral disease thereby preventing the occurrence of polio.