Treatment and Cures for Breast Rash

Breast rash is the state when the region of the skin, on or under the breast becomes red, aggravated or chaffed.

breast rash

This condition is caused chiefly due to the sweating of the breasts or wearing an ill-fitting bra. It might also be due to the sign of allergic reaction to a new soap or some other materials.

Some Treatments And Cures For Breast Rash

Powder use

Since the breast rash is mainly due to excessive sweating of the breasts, application of anti-allergy powder or any cosmetic powder at regular intervals could keep the breasts from sweating and thereby decrease the chances of rashes on the skin of the breasts.


Towel use

Use of soft and dry towels to dry the sweat of the skin after every few minutes also help a lot in keeping the sweats at bay and eliminating the main cause of the developing of rashes on the breasts.


Cream use

There are a huge lot of creams available in the market that can cure the rashes of the breast very effectively. Application of these creams leads to the sealing off the area, preventing dampness, air or textile to cause further irritation on the skin and thereby helping in the effective cure of breast rash.


Cotton undergarments

Wearing soft cotton bra’s that fits well, help in absorbing perspiration thereby keeping the skin dry and thus helping in order to prevent rashes and chafing. Inserting a strip of cotton (cut from an old dress material) under the breasts can relieve rashes quickly as it absorbs and prevents wetness of the skin.

cotton undergarments

Right clothes

When one develops the breast rash, the first and foremost thing that should be taken into consideration is the wearing of soft and loose fitting clothes that will not cling to the skin.

If the rash is caused due to the ill-fitting bra, then one must discontinue wearing it on an immediate effect. Instead, one can attempt on soft sports bra for a few days, until the rash decreases.

loose clothes

Hot bath relief

Hot bath is a very effective remedy to breast rashes as it can remove anything that irritates the skin, like deodorants and creams. Hot bath also relieves itchy skin or the skin pain.

hot water bath