Treatment For Anorexia In Males

Anorexia Nervosa or Anorexia is an eating disorder. This is a common problem to both men and women all over the world. Though both males and females are affected by the ailment.

This disease is widely found among the females only especially among the girls who are aged in between 15 to 18 years of age and is somewhat uncommon among the males. The attitude of a girl that she has to be the slimmest person all over the globe is the main contributory factor of the rise of the disease.

The individuals suffering from the ailment often experiences severe loss of weight due to strict dieting and might even fall ill due to over exercise and abuse of laxatives. However, only 6 percent of the total anorexians have been males and are found to have eating disorders and hence males have a very low percentage of getting affected by the ailment.

There are basically three causes of male anorexia. Firstly, if the individual suffering from the ailment has a family where his siblings and family members are genetically obese , then the mocking of his classmates, neighbors, friends, etc. prevent them to become a trap to becoming fat and this leads to him becoming a perfectionist where his first goal in life becomes not to become fat like his siblings or parents.

Secondly, if the category of the family in which an individual grows up in a “goal oriented” environment, where the basic condition of happiness is success at whatever they do, the children either lives up to the family expectations or gets depressed and fall a prey to psychological illness including anorexia.

Thirdly, the society or the people around you, television, media, and friends play a vital role in the consciousness of your image. Studies show that men tend to get more affected and influenced by media and because of their pride; they are not able to discuss their weakness with their friends leading to the root cause of the ailment.

Treatment for anorexia Psychological therapy is one of the ways used in order to treat individuals suffering from anorexia. Besides this, family therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, group therapy and individual therapies have been found successful in treating the ailment.

The best way of treating anorexia is to make the family and the society aware of the illness and thereby preventing any particular individual to become a victim to the ailment.