Treatment For Asthma – How To Deal The Symptoms At Home

Asthma has been one of the chronic diseases that have been found to cause distress to the sufferer’s airways thereby leading to laborious breathing, wheezing, chest constraint, chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, chest tightness and so on. Asthma can be mild at times but it can also be severe and life-threatening.

Hence, it is always best to stay away from the situation that can set off the disease. Although lots of medications are available in the present times that can successfully combat asthma yet most people all over the world avoid these medications as they have dangerous side effects on the health of the sufferers. Home remedies have hence gained popularity as they have no side effects and on the contrary can make the patient sound and able-bodied. Here are some of the ways by which asthma can be treated at home:

Honey: Honey is known to be a popular home remedy for asthma patients. Take a container filled with honey and hold it just below the nose of the asthma sufferer. The asthma sufferer will start to inhale the air that will come out from the container. After a little while, the asthma patient will start to inhale the air more easily and deeply.

Turmeric: Turmeric is quite popular as one of the cooking recipes all over the globe. Take some turmeric and some amount of honey as well. Consume both the turmeric and the honey early in the morning on a regular basis when the abdomen is empty. This formula helps to decrease the strength of the asthma attack.

Lemon: Take a lemon and cut it into halves. Now take a glass of water and squeeze the juice into the water. Now consume the mixture with the meals. This procedure is known to be extremely popular among the sufferers of the ailment.

Ginger and fenugreek: Take some amount of fenugreek seeds and put them in a cup of water before going to bed. In the morning, the fenugreek decoction is ready. Now one tsp of ginger juice and mix it in the cup of fenugreek decoction. If needed, add little honey to taste. This mixture should be consumed twice daily.