Treatment for Cough and Cold

Cough and cold related problems occur only when the body gets cold from within and it requires warmth. No antibiotics can give any sort of internal warmth. They can reduce the infections and harmful blockage from the lungs only. For proving some sort of heat to the body you need to take some effective natural treatments. Green tea or herbal tea is an effective treatment. It helps in treating the body from inside. Ginger is a good ingredient that helps in reducing the harmful effects of allergic reactions inside the body. You can intake ginger in any form like create a paste with crushed ginger and honey and take this mixture for 2-3times a day. Repeat this treatment for sometime, it will help in treating your problem effectively.

Peppermint is also an effective treatment. You can intake it to improve your cough and cold.  Apply vapor or coconut oil on the chest. You can inhale steam for giving warmth directly to the neck and chest. Cover yourself properly with warm clothes. Do no have ice creams, chocolates, cold beverages etc for reducing the effects of cold.

The best way to deal with cough and cold related problems is to intake food which has lighter effects on the body. Don’t have food which has lower levels of nutrients and enzymes required by the body for improving the immune system. This would help you in fighting against the diseases.