Treatment For Eating Disorders

Eating disorder refers to a combination of circumstances that is characterized by odd habit of eating by any individual. This can lead to either inadequate or extreme consumption of food. Eating disorders are of various kinds but bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorder are the three major types of eating disorder.

Eating disorder is mainly caused due to stressful lifestyles. Paternal behaviors, family record of addiction and fatness, and sexual abuse history are also thought as chief causes of eating disorder. Refusal to eat publicly, irritability, skipping of meals, dizziness, discomfort in food consumption, fatigue, unexplained loss of weight are some of the common symptoms of anorexia. Again decay of the tooth, fluctuation of weight, vomiting, eating secretly, etc. are some of the widespread symptoms of eating disorders and low self esteem, loss of sexual desire, secret eating, depression, etc. are thought as some of the common symptoms of binge eating. However, there are a lot of remedies to eating disorders. Some of these remedies are stated below:

Talk to doctor: It is always best to consult a physician in order to treat eating disorders. The doctors will surely advise the essential vitamins and mineral supplements that are required to be consumed in order to get the crucial nutrients.

Weighing: The sufferer should always resist the urges of weighing as well as frequently checking in the mirror. With the stoppage of these habits, the sufferer would be able to get hale, healthy and hearty at a rapid rate.

Herbal tea: Eating disorders are caused from stress and emotional distresses. Consume herbal tea of Echinacea, chamomile, St. John’s Wort etc. These herbal teas help to combat stress effectively.

Yoga: Both yoga and massage are considered as an effective tool for the reduction of stress and balancing out of the mind and the body. With the regular practice of yoga and other exercises, the mind is always kept active, away from food mania.

Spicy food: Spicy food should be consumed and there should be varieties in the food item. Spicy foods tend to boost the metabolism and hence one feels satisfied while eating standard portions of a meal.