Treatment For High Blood Pressure

Consumption of salt rich diet is a very common cause behind high blood pressure. So you need to improve the diet with taking less amount of it. Also you need to take precautions while eating you meals.

You cannot have anything of your choice. A blood pressure patient is not permitted to have more amounts of food items that are have high cholesterol level. Balance your food intake with green vegetables and fruits. Have banana to improve the blood pressure and you can have papaya also. Cucumber is a good source of potassium which is the basic requirement for a B.P patient. Intake of cucumber in good quantities would be really beneficial.

Start using Amla empty stomach. It is a very good treatment for blood pressure. You can have Amla juice if you don’t want to eat it directly. You can have Aloe Vera juice mixed with it. Both act well in treating blood pressure, indigestion and also in boosting up the energy levels of the body.

Eat potatoes for curing blood pressure problems. They are rich in magnesium which is really very helpful.

Intake of garlic supplements or a garlic clove would also be helpful in reducing the level of blood pressure.