Treatment For Influenza – Natural Cures

Flu is a common disease that can happen to any member of the family. Influenza is also a type of flu due to which our respiratory tract, nose, throat, bronchi and lungs mainly suffer. The sufferers can experience various signs such as nausea, vomiting, chills, headache, cough and cold, watery eyes, fever, stuffy nose or sore throat due to this condition.

Influenza is a result of viral infection that may attack because of several conditions. Living in an unhealthy area, poor eating, excessive work in hot conditions, poor sleeping, stress and lack of regular physical activities are some causes of this problem. We should take some natural treatments to get rid of Influenza.

Treatment for influenza- natural remedies:

Onion can help us to fight against the viral infection. Extract the juice from an onion, then make a mixture by adding equal amount of honey and consume it twice daily for one week.  Again, prepare a mixture of the juice of half tsp ginger, half tsp pepper powder and two tsp of honey and consume it thrice in a day for two weeks. This can help you to get relief from the syndrome in a faster way.

Add one tsp of turmeric powder with one cup of warm milk and take it thrice in a day for one or two weeks. This drink can help you and your kids to get cured from the harmful virus of influenza.

Take some fresh holy basil leaves and few pieces of ginger; thereafter boil these substances in half a liter of water. Strain the water and consume it as a medicinal tea for quick relief.

Prepare a mixture of one tsp of bayberry bark and ginger and half tsp of cayenne powder with one glass of steamed water. Now strain the mixture to extract the liquid and consume it to get relief. Also prepare a mixture with a glass of warm water and mix it with one tsp of honey and lemon juice. Consume this drink for two to four times daily.

One of the easiest remedies would be keeping a bottle of warm water handy as drinking boiled water can provide relief to some extent. Try to drink either hot ginger tea or hot garlic cloves tea for two times in a day to get relief from cold and cough, runny nose, watery eyes, etc. and other symptoms of influenza.