Treatment For Low Immunity Inside The Body

Immunity of the body is a basic requirement to fight against diseases. Sometimes it becomes really low when the body goes deficit in vitamins and minerals. Both of them along with various other nutrients are required for the proper functioning of the body.

To boost up the immunity you need to stick to a healthy diet which includes fruits, nuts, dry fruits and green leafy vegetables. Your body needs vitamin C in large quantities. A rich source of vitamin c is found in plants that have increased levels of antioxidants like flavonoids. You can have it to improve your immunity.

A mineral named germanite is required to improve the immune level of the body which can be found in garlic and ginger. It gives better results if you can chew them directly but sometimes and for some people it’s not possible so you can have it by putting it in the boiling tea. By doing this all the nutrients would get absorbed properly inside and would even help in treating the problems like cough and cold.

Do not eat food which is rich in high cholesterol levels. They can directly harm the immunity levels of your body. Do not take too much of mental anxiety. Start doing meditation exercises this will be really helpful in relaxing your mind. One should have a sound sleep also to avoid all such problems. Honey and lime juice can also help in treating low immunity of the body.