Treatment for Low Immunity

Treatment for Low Immunity

The immune system in our body plays an important role which helps us in fighting and recovering   against many of the diseases and also helps in reducing stress. It protects us from getting away from many of the viruses such as fungi, bacteria’s etc. as immune system fights from harmful elements which enters our body soon, in case of common cold, sinus, cough, nausea etc. the free radicals are the chief destructive force which damages all the healthy cells that will lead to illness for ex.

Regular Exercise

Cancer, heart problem, sinus, and strokes. If a person suffers from sores, cancer, swollen glands such as lymph, frequent flu, common cold, chronic infections etc this indicates that the person has a bad and weak immune system. As these disorders are mainly caused due to many of the eating habits HIV, deficiency in nutritional value, low white blood cells, low stomach acidity. Low immunity is very common among children and pregnant women.


To get away from this problem, milk is considered as the best immunity booster. Regular exercise, practicing yoga and meditation. Vitamin E rich food serves as good for health to increase the immunity level. Good sources of vitamin E rich food are whole grain foods and vegetable oils. Try to take zinc because that increases the number of lymphocytes that fight against cancer.

vitamin E rich food