Treatment for Migraine

Migraine refers to a disease which occurs due to headache containing headache as its main and major symptom and other more symptoms are Nausea( one sided pain), photophobia, scalp tenderness, constant breathing. This type of migraine leads to triggers such as stress of food items like tea, coffee, milk, cheese.

This kind of problem mainly occurs in women more frequently than in men. This type of condition only occurs when a person has some kind of mental or physical tension. Some of the symptoms are pain on one side of the head, short time depression, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, numbness, weakness etc.

This can be treated with the help of fresh fruits and juices like apple and grape juice. Cabbage leaves are very helpful in relieving pain. You can also grind Lemon peel and form a paste and apply this on the forehead it will give you instant relief. Massage is also very much beneficial in Migraine. You can take a massage of primrose oil or hot oil. This kind of smooth massage will help you in reducing magnitude pain of discomfort. Try consuming food that are easily digestible such as vegetable soup, porridge with water, semi- boiled eggs, spinach, carrots, beet roots, banana, apple, pears, raw garlic etc.