Treatment For Obesity

Obesity is bodily condition which is characterized by excessive deposition of fat in adipose tissue. It is the result of excessive consumption of food which can occur at any stage and can affect both sexes. The various causes of obesity can be overeating, low basal metabolism, thyroid or pituitary gland disorders, genetic factors or hormonal imbalance.

A very effective home treatment for treating obesity is the intake of honey. 10gms of honey should be taken with hot water in the starting and the doze can be increased with time. Mint is also beneficial in dealing with problem of obesity. Mint chutney taken along with meals is highly beneficial. Another cure for obesity is regular in taking of carrot juice which helps in reduction of weight. Various yogic asanas are also very effective in normalizing body weight.

Another best remedy is eating tomato early in the morning for 3 months. As green tea helps in boosting metabolism therefore drinking 2 cups of green tea everyday will help in weight reduction. As soon as a person wake up he must drink a glass of warm water as it will clean his organs affected by toxins. An obesed person must avoid junk food. Also he should indulge himself in various activities like walking, exercise, yoga   which will be very helpful in minimizing body weight.