Treatments for Angina

Angina is a kind of chest pain that occurs in the muscles of heart. It happens due to non availability of enough supply of blood in the muscles of heart. As is a common symptom that causes various problems. They also causes medical attention in our body.

Angina is a type of condition in which our heart get squeezed and creates severe pain . it also causes pain in other parts of our body i.e arms, shoulders, jaw, neck, and back. Some of the major symptoms of angina are heaviness, squeezing of heart, pressure, tightening etc.

In this condition a patient may also suffer from indigestion, heartburn, weakness, sweating, nausea, breathing problem cramping etc. natural products which are used in our daily life are most effective in curing angina. Such as lemon is the most simplest remedy as it clears the blood vessels. Amla taken in any forms such as dry form or in the form of fresh juices will also go long in preventing this problem. consume fresh garlic in the form of salads. Apples and grapes serves as the best natural remedies. A person can eat 2 to 3 apples daily to get relieve from this. Regular exercise and brisk walking in the morning is effective.