Treatments for Cataract

Cataract is only formed within the eyes. A person suffering from Cataract sees double or blurred images. Cataract is nothing but a feeling of cloudiness in the natural eye lens which is the most important part which is responsible for watching sharp images and focusing of light. The effect of this problem is such that the quality of visibility starts reducing on an increased rate.

There is a natural lens behind the coloured part which is named as pupil and cannot be directly seen with the naked eye. This lens is made up of water and proteins. Cataract generally occurs due to progression of age, as the age passes the risk of getting affected by Cataract increases. When this lens is opaque due to ageing it does not allows the light to go through retina which indicates poor visibility.

Carrots serve as the most efficient home remedy for Cataract. Eat plenty of raw carrots daily if somebody does not like eating raw carrots then take fresh carrots juice instead of that. Consume 2-3 garlic daily chew the raw garlic slowly. You can also make the juice of pumpkin flowers and apply them on the eyelids at least 2-3 a day. Wearing sunglasses outside during the sunlight reduces the chance of developing Cataract. Avoid using white bread, sugar, cream, refined cereals. Beverages like tea, coffee, alcohol are also to be avoided.