Treatments For Itchy Skin In Winter

Itchy skin may be quite irritating and is quite common in winters. Many a times it can occur in hard to r reach spots such as your back. In the winter season the environment becomes too much dry and there is also sharp decrease in the release of body oils.

So at such times there is aggravation of the itchy skin. An effective way to handle out the itchiness of skin is to decrease the dryness of skin. If there is a proper anti drying measures, then this problem of itchy skin can be handled easily.

Given below are a few simple methods by way of which problems related to the itchy skin can be handled easily.

Warm Bath: In the winters it is not necessary to bathe every day using hot water. Hot water depletes the moisture layer of the skin. This can increase itchiness of skin. Better you can bathe every alternate day and use warm, not hot water for bathing. Use of moisturizer two to three times a week can be very useful in this regard.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation means removal of dry skin. The dry layer of skin has to be removed from the surface on regular basis. You can use a number of moisturizing cream or a moisturizing soaps. They help to clear of the dry skin layer. Some amount of sugar mixed into these moisturizing liquid can be very useful

Moisturizing: An additional expect of the moisturizers is that they supply skin with sufficient quantity of wetness, which is required by the skin. The best time to use a moisturizer is the post bath time. Post bath the dry skin layer is removed. The moisture adheres to the surface and helps skin to be softer and less itchy.

Baking soda, oat meal and lemon: These three things have proven to be good remedies for dry skin. Baking soda can battle a variety of itches. Soak 3 parts in 1 part of water. 1-2 cups of oatmeal can also be added to warm bath for good effects. Lemon also contains ingredient with anti-inflammatory and anesthetic property and can be used to treat dry skin.