8 Treatments Of Stomach Pain


8 Treatments Of Stomach Pain

Pain in the stomach can be very disturbing; it may disrupt your daily routine and be the chief reason for mood swings and depression. In most cases, stomach pain results from digestive problems; but disorders in kidneys, aorta, spleen and appendix may also lead to stomach pain.

Most often stomach pain is commonplace and can be treated easily at home. However, if the pain becomes chronic, you will have to visit the nearest doctor. Listed below are some popular and easy treatments of stomach pain.

8 Treatments Of Stomach Pain

Stop Eating

Stop Eating To Reduce Stomach Pain

Digestive problems are the main cause of stomach pain. When the pain is at its extreme, do not eat. Food creates pressure in the stomach and increases pain. All you should do is lie down and relax.

Breathing Patterns

Breathing Patterns To Reduce Stomach Pain

Breathing and stretching at the same time are effective ways of treating stomach pains. Sit or lie down straight so that the stomach muscles are stretched out.

Now breathe in and out very slowly following a rhythmic pattern. Continue for at least five minutes for relief from stomach pain.

Instant Relief from Stomach Pain

Carbonated Beverages To Reduce Stomach Pain

Carbonated beverages are instant stomach pain relieving substances. Make sure to drink chilled beverages for best effect. After taking several gulps, rest your body by leaning backwards. Gas released from the system in the form of a burp usually relieves stomach pains.

Watch Your Leg Posture

It is suggested that you lie down straight on your back when the stomach pain begins. While doing so, remember to place the feet at a level higher than the body. You can do so by using pillows or other forms of support under the feet. The circulation of blood during this type of body posture ensures that the pain is cured fast.

Watch Your Leg Posture

Take Shower

Taking a shower with lukewarm water has a therapeutic effect on the whole body. Let warm water fall on the stomach region for best results against stomach pain. Do not use soaps which have a strong fragrance; stick to mild smelling body washes.

Take Shower To Reduce Stomach Pain

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Herbal Medication

Natural medicines are necessary if stomach pain increases. Prepare your own herbal drink at home to cure the ache. The idea is to start on medication that will also aid digestion and provide permanent relief from stomach pain. Some such herbal concoctions are black ginger tea, seltzer water and aloe vera juice. You can also drink chamomile and mint tea for a soothing effect. Stay away from too much caffeine in your drinks.

Herbal Medication To Reduce Stomach Pain

Hot Compress

Hot water bags and heating bags are effective in treating stomach pain of any type. Place mildly heated pads or rubber bags filled with lukewarm water on top of your stomach and lie down straight. Try to get sleep for few hours to get rid of your stomach pain.

Hot Compress To Reduce Stomach Pain

Over the Counter Medication

Mild laxatives, gas relieving pills, Imodium and emetrol are some of the popular medicines that doctors and pharmacists suggest. The idea is to get rid of gas and harmful microbial organisms from your system. Make sure that you visit the bathroom to pass gas or stool regularly in order to treat stomach pain effectively.

Medication To Reduce Stomach Pain