Try these Remedies for Nausea

Herbal remedies use plants extracts and roots to treat several ailments. This is the preferred method of treating ailments these days as more and more people are loosing their confidence in anti biotic treatments. If you suffer from nausea then there are several herbal remedies to help you. When treating this condition you need to address 2 aspects. The first would be to stop the nausea and the second would be to prevent dehydration.Cumin seeds help to relieve nausea. Boil a cup of water and add a handful of cumin seeds to the boiling water. Let the seeds simmer in the water for a few minutes and then add a piece of ginger to the water. Steam your face over the pot of boiling water so that you are able to breathe in the fumes. This is the initial treatment with this remedy. After the water has boiled with the herbs for 10 to 12 minutes let it cool down and then drink a cup of the brew in a few short gulps. This treatment will work wonders on your stomach and will stop the nausea completely.

If you are not able to control the nausea then lemon grass will help you out. Add lemon grass leaves to a bowl of soup. The herb will soothe the uneasiness in your stomach and will prevent it further. You could also use essential oils to help you out. Lavender oil is an extremely effective remedy for nausea. It will help to relieve uneasiness and will stop the nausea instantly. You can massage the oil on your abdomen or even on your temples to prevent uneasiness.

Peppermint oil has the same effect as lavender oil. Add a few drops of the essential oil to your bathwater and lay in the tub for a few minutes. Take deep breaths so that you are able to smell the oils. This treatment will give you relief from nausea and dizziness associated with nausea. In order to prevent dehydration you will need to drink plenty of water or fresh fruit juices. Cranberry juice will soothe an upset stomach while orange juice will add vitamins to your system and prevent dehydration and acidity.

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