Tuberculosis: Causes and Treatment

Tuberculosis is a disease caused by the germ Tubercle Bacillus. The main organs affected by this disease are the intestines, lungs, glands and bones. When tubercle bacillus germ enters into the human body it multiplies with a considerably high rate and results into the formation of small spots. This small spots are termed as tubercle.

Apart from above mentioned parts, tuberculosis can affect many other parts of human body. The tuberculosis which affects the lungs is the most common type of tuberculosis. The basic symptoms of this disease are fever, weight loss, loss in body energy, tiredness, etc. The person suffering from tuberculosis feels weaker every day and his body energy decreases down rapidly.

Polluted and impure environment is a major factor responsible for this disease. The other factors leading the problem of tuberculosis are smoking, drinking, consumption of tobacco, poor life style, consumption of food which is low in vitamins and nutrients etc.

The patients of tuberculosis should take food which is rich in necessary nutrients including vitamins, proteins and fat. Healthy food is the easiest and simplest way to decrease the symptoms of the tuberculosis. However, various medications based treatments are available in the market but as the medications can makes a patient low in body energy and therefore eating healthy food, consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to reduce the symptoms of this disease.

The side effects associated with over the counter medications are making them less popular and today people prefer to go for home based remedies. Home based remedies are free from any type of sides effective. Moreover they are cost effective. Most of these remedies have been proved to be every effective and are able to reduce the symptoms of tuberculosis easily.

A well hydrated body is always good for a healthy life. Apart from healthy food and consumption of water, going for a walk on a regular basis, mild exercise and change in unhealthy life style can be very helpful in treatment of this disease. Taking amla juice with honey is one of the best remedies of tuberculosis. For people with weak immune system, the tuberculosis becomes more dreaded and germ multiplication in the body becomes more rapid. As a result the symptoms grow very quickly.

Therefore it is very important that such people should consume things which increase the strength of immune system. Once the immune system become more powerful, the symptoms of this disease reduce automatically. Pineapple is also very helpful in treatment of tuberculosis. A regular consumption of pineapples juice is very effective in reducing the symptoms. A doctors supervision is always helpful in case of tuberculosis.