7 Herbal Treatments For Cholesterol


The antioxidant properties contained in many plants makes herbal treatments for cholesterol doubly beneficial for everyone. It contains the cholesterol level and boosts the overall health of the body.

Herbal Treatments For Cholesterol

Needless to say, high cholesterol level has become one of the commonest health issues faced by most in the fast paced lifestyle of today. Even though most herbal medicines are harmless, it is always better to consult one’s family physician and to have the cholesterol level verified, before taking this treatment.

Few Essential Herbs To Treat Cholesterol

Garlic To Treat Cholesterol

Gaining popularity day by day, garlic is strongly recommended for daily usage as a remedy to lower cholesterol. According to the medical reports, it raises the HDL level while lowering the LDL level. The studies also confirm that it lowers the LDL and triglycerides to nearly 15%. The buildup of plaques in the artery also decreases, while lowering high blood pressure. About 800 mg or 2-3 cloves of garlic are the ideal proportion.


Ginger To Treat Cholesterol

Ginger is a good contender as far as the herbal treatments for cholesterol is concerned. It has the properties to weaken cholesterol absorption, while encouraging the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids. Ginger should be used in the menu daily to help get rid of cholesterol.


Cayenne Pepper To Treat Cholesterol

A very effective herb for treatment of high cholesterol levels, which lowers high blood pressure and helps in proper blood circulation. The best quality which is found in this herb is that, it does not allow the body to absorb fat but helps in excreting it. This herb has been known to be one of the best herbal treatments for cholesterol for many years now.

Cayenne herb

Guggul To Treat Cholesterol

Known to be even better than drugs in treating cholesterol, guggul reduces it by 20%, in quite a short time of its usage. It also helps in lowering triglyceride levels while increasing the HDL level. A significant decrease of 10% – 27% cholesterol has been found in people using only 25 mg of this herb three times daily.


Coriander To Treat Cholesterol

Coriander is an antioxidant, besides being one of the main herbal treatments for cholesterol which is really high. This herb stops the intestine from absorbing cholesterol, which is then converted to bile acids, which in turn is excreted.


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Artichoke Leaves To Treat Cholesterol

This herb does not have any side effect even if taken for a long period. Research has confirmed that 1.800 mg of the extracts of artichoke leaves daily for six weeks lowers LDL by 22.9%.

Artichoke Leaves

Policosanol To Treat Cholesterol

In the many tests which were conducted, this extract from sugarcane, policosanol was found to be effective in lowering cholesterol. This can also be extracted from beeswax and yam, but research has not yet found the same quality from the ones in sugarcane. Intake of cholesterol lowering herbs in one’s daily meals is an ideal way to combat this condition. For instance, oats if eaten daily at breakfast is one of the best herbal treatments for cholesterol, with other good benefits. Fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber is also recommended. To avoid side effects, herbal therapies are the best.