Twelve Easy And Superb Tips On Dry Skin Cure


Dry Skin Dry skin is a problem and it is embarrassing. Dry skin causes itching and when you itch, ugly white marks arise on your skin. Moreover, dry skin is one of the main causes of wrinkles or immature aging. Our skin dries naturally when we grow old. Old people generally have dry skin. Some young people also have old skin by nature. People with dry skin need some extra care to get relief from the hand of excessively dry skin. This article will give you some easy tips on excessively dry skin cure.

How to Cure Dry Skin 

Restrict the Use of Soap

Restrict the use of soap. It makes your skin dry. So whenever you need to use soap, use liquid soap of any reputed brand. They are less harmful. Do not use soap on your face and neck. Skins of these areas are very tender by nature and get damaged easily. So instead of soap use face wash on those areas.

Butter Milk

Natural product like milk is the best cleanser for dry skin milk. Take some buttered milk. Mix properly and apply it all over your body. Wait for 10-15 minutes so that it gets absorbed by the skin.


Then rub your skin gently. Dirt gets soft by milk and it comes out easily with soft rubbing. Milk also keeps your skin hydrated and prevents dryness of skin after nourishing it.

Honey and Rose Water

Honey is a natural moisturizer and it moisturizes and nourishes skin. Take 2-3 tablespoons of pure and thick honey. Mix rose water with the honey to liquefy it. Massage that liquid on your skin. Wait at least for 10 least so that your skin gets enough time to absorb the honey. Regular application of honey cures the dryness problem of the skin and prevents wrinkles on skin.

Glycerin and Rose Water

Glycerin prevents excessive dryness of the skin. For this reason you need to massage glycerin everyday on your skin especially after washing your body with soaps and water. The glycerin that you will get in pharmacy is very thick. You have to liquefy it either with plain water or with rose water. Mix glycerin and water in equal ratio. Massage that on your whole body after bathing. Use it everyday and soon get a beautiful skin within few days.

Banana and Lemon Juice

Banana is excellent for dry skin. Take some ripe bananas and mash it. Mix few drops of lemon juice in it. Mix well and massage it all over your body. Wait for 20-25 minutes and then wash with plain water.


Use it everyday and get a soft skin within few days. Banana contains various minerals and lemon juice has high quantity vitamin C which is good for the health of the skin. Regular use of these products improves the skin’s texture and complexion.

Hot Oil Treatment

Perhaps there is no alternate of hot oil treatment for the dry skin. Skin becomes dry when they lack oil quantity. You need to fill up the gap with oil treatment. Before massaging oil on your skin you need to make it hot because hot oil is absorbed by skin well than the oil of normal temperature.

Oils that are good for the skin are olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, etc. Take oil in a metal or glass container and place them on hot water. After 2-3 minutes the oil gets hot. Massage that oil on your skin till they are absorbed by the skin. After that bathe in the normal water and wipe lightly. So do not use soap everyday. Massage oil everyday on your skin before going to take bath.


Yogurt is an excellent product for all types of skins especially for the dry skin. It works as a cleanser and it also improves the color of the skin after bleaching (yogurt is a natural bleach being acidic) it. Take some yogurt and beat it. To enhance its power you may add little amount of honey, cucumber juice, carrot juice, coconut oil, etc. Mix all products and apply this pack all over your body. Wait till it gets dry and then wash with plain water. Regular use of this yogurt keeps your skin healthy and dryness free.

Almond Paste

Almond takes good care of skin. Soak some almond in milk to get soft. Then crush it to make a smooth paste. Add more milk with the almond paste. Mix well and apply it on your skin. Almond takes the whole care of skin. Regular use of almond paste makes your skin soft and supple and prevents aging signs that are related with the excessive dryness of the skin.

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Turmeric and Mustard Oil

Turmeric and mustard oil is a good combination that keeps your skin moisturized and oily. Grind few turmeric into smooth paste. Mix it with mustard oil and boil it on low flame for 15-20 minutes. Let it cool and then strain the oil. Preserve it in a bottle and massage it everyday before going to bathe.

Aloevera and Coconut Oil

Aloevera and coconut oil is a good combination for dry skin especially in dry season and in dry atmosphere. In winter our skin gets dry automatically. Again too much exposure in air-conditioned atmosphere everyday turns our skin dry. For them aloevera coconut oil perhaps is the best product. Slit some fresh aloevera tube and remove the gel.

Aloe Vera

Mix it with coconut oil. Place the oil on low flame for half an hour. Let it cool and preserve it in a glass container. Massage the oil allover your body before going to sleep. Remember you should massage the oil on clear skin. Massage it daily and soon get rid of dry skin.

Restrict the Use of Hot Water

Do not use extremely hot water for bathing purpose if you have dry skin because hot water makes your skin drier.

Drink Fluid

Drink adequate water, means 8-10 glasses of plain water everyday. Apart from this, drink good amount of fruit juice and vegetable juice everyday. Fluids keep your skin hydrated and keep dryness of skin at bay. So go through the article, follow these tips and get rid of dry skin soon.