Type 2 Diabetes Herbal Remedies

Of late, Diabetes has been considered as one of the leading lifestyle diseases affecting millions across the globe are affected with an alarming rise in the number of diabetics every year. Diabetes is marked by abnormally high blood glucose levels due to the underproduction of Insulin or poor functioning of the Insulin receptor cells.

Insulin is essential for the complete metabolism of sugar in our body preventing its excess build up in the blood. Of two types of Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is non-insulin dependent and is most commonly observed. In Type 2 diabetes, the cells become resistant to Insulin shooting the blood glucose to alarmingly highv levels. People suffering from this disorder are at high risk of strokes, heart attacks, malfunctioning of kidneys and eye problems. Millions of Americans are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, and many are at the high risk of this disease.


Type 2 Diabetes is characterized by frequent urination, increased thirst and appetite, abrupt loss in body weight, slow healing of cuts wounds and fatigue.


Current researches and statistics have attributed this disease resulting due to sedentary life style and faulty eating habits. Other notable causes are genetics, obesity, high blood cholesterol, pregnancy and glucose intolerance (in few cases).

Type 2 Diabetes Herbal Remedies:

Drink a glass of raw bitter melon juice early in the morning in empty stomach. Bitter melon contains hypoglycemic compounds that are very effective in treating Type 2 diabetes.

Fenugreek seeds are also effective in controlling this disorder. Mash few soaked Fenugreek seeds and mix it in water. Drink this mixture regularly to lower the blood sugar level. This is one of the popular Type 2 diabetes herbal remedies.

Taking cinnamon powder is another effective Type 2 diabetes herbal remedy. Mix one teaspoonful of cinnamon powder in a glass of water and drink it.

Drinking grape fruit juice is another useful Type 2 diabetes herbal remedy.

Indian gooseberry is widely used as a useful Type 2 diabetes herbal remedy, due to the high content of Vitamin C.  Add one tablespoonful of Indian gooseberry in a glass of bitter melon juice and drink it regularly.

Take few ripe Jamun fruits and soak in boiling water for sometime. Mash the fruits, and make three parts out of it. Take it thrice a day mixed in a glass of water. Powdered Jamun seeds are also very effective in treating Type 2 diabetes.

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