Unwanted Pregnancy

Getting pregnant may be very joyful and full of excitement for someone but for someone it bring days full of worries and tension. Unwanted pregnancy like teen pregnancy is a common problem among women today. A failure of contraceptive or unprotected sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy and of course when it is unwanted no woman would like to follow the pregnancy.

Unwanted pregnancy is more problematic for teenager. They want to conceal the fact from their parents as well as from the society and hence getting rid of this problem becomes more serious for them. The problem of unwanted pregnancy is recorded to grow among teenagers worldwide in recent years. A major fraction of teenagers today are going for early sex and hence the problem of unwanted pregnancy among this group is growing consistently. However, care from the parents, presence of parent at home, involving their children in shared activities and a mental support from parents can decline the number of cases being recorded today.

Some type failure of precautionary measurement taken during or after the intercourse also leads to unwanted pregnancy. Reluctance to give birth to more children or to give birth to a child in early days of marriage are also factors resulting in unwanted pregnancy. In case of teen pregnancy home and family can be  better ways to avoid it, whereas in case of married woman a good contraceptive system can avoid the problem of unwanted pregnancy.

Use of condom is an easy and safe way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. You can also go for contraceptive pills. A number of brands of contraceptive pills are available in the market. For teen pregnancy, the issue related to sex should be discussed with teenagers openly. It will decrease their eagerness about sex and hence can control the teen pregnancy.

Precaution is the only way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. If you feel that even after taking the precautionary measure, you are pregnant and don’t want to follow this pregnancy, you should consult a doctor for abortion. But abortion sometimes brings certain health complications. In order to avoid these complications, one should be careful during and after the intercourse.