Urinary Incontinence Natural Remedies

Urinary incontinence is the automatic outflow of urine. It is the loss of the control of bladder. It is a familiar, embarrassing and distressing problem that may have a deep impact on the quality of life, of the affected man/woman.

The symptoms can range from occasional and mild leakage when coughing, sneezing to uncontrollable wetting when suddenly one has the urge to urinate, which is so hasty and strong that the individual fails to get to the toilet in time.

This condition can happen to any person and usually is more familiar in men than men and the risk increases with age. A number of things can be done to lessen and possibly even turn around the condition. Here are some effective remedies to treat urinary inconsistence naturally

Kegel exercise: Some women face incontinence during child birth or during menopausal period when the body goes through hormonal issues. Men, who have prostate surgery, also face the same problem. These problems arise mainly due to the weakening of the pelvic muscles and can be strengthened with the performance of the Kegel exercise.

In this exercise, one has to focus on the muscles that are used for the starting and stopping of the flow of urine. These muscles must be squeezed tightly and held on to for a count of ten and then released. This process must be repeated, gradually working till fifty repetitions.

As the squeezing and releasing can be done under the clothing others can hardly be aware of anyone performing this exercise and hence this exercise can be performed anytime and anywhere.

Urinary stressors: The individual facing this condition must closely investigate the cause of the problem. If one has an inclination towards urinary stressors like black tea, coffee, tobacco, soda pop, alcohol etc. he must try to get rid of the same immediately so that he can put a stop to this embarrassing situation. Excess intake of sugar, fried food, dairy products, junk food and refined food can also aggravate the situation.

Weight gain: Gaining of weight is also considered as one of the potent cause of urinary incontinence. Again, lack of regular exercise makes the pelvic muscles weak and incapable of providing additional support to the bladder. Hence one faces the sense of urgent need to urinate followed by the flow of urine. Exercises for losing weight like walking, swimming and yoga helps to tone up the midsection and strengthen the pelvic muscles.