Usage Of Essential Oil For Migraines Treatment

Migraine is a recurrent headache that is found among individuals of all age as well as among the persons belonging to any race or culture. These headaches are unbearable and can hit the individuals anytime and at any place. Since it is impossible to treat these headaches anytime and at any place, the best is to prevent the causes that can lead to the headaches.

Rise of temperature is considered as one of the main factors that could lead to migraine headaches. Besides this strong smells which might even be sweet, caffeine, processed meats, cheese, dairy products, tomato, bananas, onion, apples, citrus fruits, eggs corns, nuts and peanuts, wheat are the some other factors that are responsible for the  triggering of the migraine headaches.

The dairy products include any kind of milk or its products like yoghurt, cheese etc. However migraines can be effectively treated by a number of methods. The essential oils are considered as one of the valuable ways of dealing with the migraine headaches.

Lavender essential oil: Lavender plays a vital role in the curing of various types of chronic headaches like migraine. This essential oil might not be able to prevent the onset of the headache but can effectively help the individual in the relaxing of the muscles and the emotional tension which might lead to migraine.

All that one needs to do is to add a few drops of oil to her temples when she starts to feel the tension around the neck, head or shoulders. It helps to ease the stiffness of the joints and allows the migraine sufferer to relax and fall fast asleep.

Lavender eye pillow is recommended for the soothing and relaxing aromatherapy qualities of lavender. The chilled eye pillow of lavender helps to bring both the relief from migraine pains as well as restorative sleep.

Grapefruit essential Oil: This essential oil is known to be extremely useful at the time of migraines. Add four drops of the essential oil in warm water and take bath with the mixture. This helps to ease of the tension and pain that is associated with the headache.