Use Alternative Remedies for High Blood Pressure

The day my mother was diagnosed with high blood pressure was the day that I began to think of all the things that could go wrong with her health and different ways to prevent them from happening.

Though her doctors gave her a huge amount of medication; I wasn’t convinced and looked at different ways to ensure that she is healthy. Though it is my belief that she benefited only from the alternative remedies that she used; I do not recommend anyone stopping the use of prescription drugs if diagnosed with such a fatal condition.

There are two herbs that are extremely beneficial for those diagnosed with high blood pressure. Garlic is one of the herbs that help you to control your levels of diabetes you can add garlic to our cup of tea or add a few pieces of garlic to your food. Garlic is also available in the form of supplements and thus you can choose to have garlic in this form as well. My mother had garlic supplements and within 6 weeks she was able to normalize her blood pressure naturally.

Hawthorne berries are another herb that is extremely beneficial to your system if you are suffering from high blood pressure. It helps to strengthen the arteries and the respiratory and circulatory system.

In addition to herbal remedies it is important that you get plenty of exercise as well as rest. It is important that you get adequate amounts of exercise during the day in order to keep your blood pressure under control. You must follow a strict diet and exercise plan and follow strict sleep timings as well. You must maintain your weight and avoid gaining weight or losing weight too fast.

Fish oils are also effective remedies that help to control blood pressure and keep it in check. Fish like salmon and mackerel are oily and this oil is beneficial to your health. If you are not fond of eating fish you may have it in the form of supplements.