Uses and Benefits of Urine Therapy

You may be disgusted at the mere though of urine therapy; however the benefits that you stand to gain from the therapy are immense and beyond what you can believe. You may think that your urine is toxic and hence can be of no medicinal use; that’s where you are wrong. The basic composition of it is water- about 96%; the rest is minerals and vitamins and urea. This makes it non toxic in nature. It is harmful if it is consumed in large quantities.

If you suffer from asthma or any other respiratory related diseases then you must start urine therapy immediately. The urine helps to cleanse and eliminate the mucus from the body.

In the case of constipation, diabetes, impotence and cancer; urine therapy is gaining immense popularity. Its funny to note how something that you body eliminates can be so helpful and full of medicinal properties. As a matter of fact babies drink their own urine in the mother’s womb; this happens because the urine mixes with the amniotic fluid. Now you know why babies are born with flawless skin. Urine has healing powers as a skin care product. It helps to take care of blemishes and acne prone skin.

Urine is also used as a therapy for conjunctivitis and ear infections. Here small amounts are poured into the eyes or ears for immediate relief from pain and you will get instant relief. Drinking the first urine in the morning is considered as a tonic and helps to fight various minor illnesses. Those who suffer from hair loss or balding must use urine to massage the scalp; it will stimulate the growth of new hair follicles.

You may be under the impression that your urine is full of germs; however that is absolutely untrue. Your urine is extremely sterile for a few minutes after it leaves your body; after that you may use it as a topical treatment.

Drinking your own urine will help to increase your immunity and hence you must start on urine therapy during a pandemic where drugs are of a scarcity. If you are taking any form of medication then you must use urine therapy only externally.