Using Herbal And Natural Cures For Arthritis Pain Relief


arthritis cure Due to accretion of toxins in the joints, the widespread disease of arthritis occurs. It is a fact that poor digestion allows the toxins to build-up in the joints of our body. Those people who have arthritis can suffer from sudden or persisting pain in the affected joints and face difficulties to move their body parts easily.

Due to excessive stress in our daily life and lack of physical activities, the problem may grow in our body. It also can happen by the accumulation of uric acid in the joints, fluctuation in hormone levels, obesity, etc. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, and juvenile arthritis are the different types of this disorder.

Some natural treatments of arthritis- key to natural pain relief

Potato juice is one of the useful ingredients to get relief from arthritis pain. You should cut one raw potato into thin pieces without removing its peel and soak these pieces into one glass of warm water overnight. Early morning, drink the juice in your empty stomach and continue this method for a long time to get a permanent cure.

Again, you can consume a mixture of equal amount of apple juice, grape juice and honey as it can reduce the inflammation from your joints. Consuming the juice of pineapple is another healing method for arthritis. To get better relief from this syndrome you can mix the juices of beetroot, carrot and celery and drink it once daily for about two months.

Soak two tsp of black sesame seeds into a half-glass of fresh warm water overnight and consume it in the next morning as it can help you to reduce the joint pains quickly. Consuming a half tsp of the herb guggulu with a cup of lukewarm water is very beneficial to heal the syndrome in a faster way. You should take this herb twice a day after meals. You can also take the mixture of half a tsp of turmeric powder and a cup of warm water twice a day as it helps in curing arthritis. Consuming limejuice with one glass of water in the morning for about 2 months can decrease the accumulation of uric acid in the joints.

You should dilute 3 to 5 camphor into one cup of coconut oil or mustard oil and apply this on your affected joints as it can remove the inflammation and stiffness from the joints. Applying another decoction that is made by mixing ten drops of ginger oil with wheat germ or almond oil on the affected areas is very helpful to get rid of this hazard.

Make a paste including an equal amount of juniper, sage, rosemary and olive oil and rub it on your rigid and aching joints to get an instant relief. Massaging the joints with wintergreen and cinnamon oil is also very useful for arthritis.

You should include coconut milk, cucumber juice, one raw clove of garlic, and bananas in your daily diet. You should also do physical exercise regularly to stay away from the syndrome permanently. Also, try to avoid the intake of spicy foods, fried foods, tea, coffee, yogurt, and chocolate along with medications such as antibiotics, painkillers, steroids, etc.


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