Using Medicine For Lower Back Pain Treatment? Switch To Exercising And Natural Cures

It is always vital to treat the lower back pain very carefully. It can be handled with the help of drugs as well as natural care. Drugs are made of synthetic substances that create toxins within the body as well as other side effects that have the ability to disrupt the body functions.

The drugs cannot cure the conditions and can merely cover up the symptoms while natural cures are 100% natural substances that have no side effects and harmonize all the systems of the body. It goes to the root of the cause and eliminates it successfully. Hence, lower back pain should be treated naturally.

Exercise: Exercise is an excellent way of curing lower back pain. Exercise not only reduces the pain of the muscles but also increases the flexibility of the muscles. It also helps to strengthen the muscles and in this way contributes to the reduction of the chances of the attack of acute back pain.

A number of cardiovascular exercises like swimming, biking and walking are greatly beneficial in reducing the chances of the attacks of lower back pain. These exercises help to lose extra weight as well as help to make the back muscles more powerful and flexible in a natural way.

Vitamin A: The food that has high content of vitamin A helps to provide us with natural healing and repair of tissues which in turn helps to fight lower back pain. However, some of the foods that are rich in vitamin A are dairy products, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, liver of beef and chicken.

Vitamin B12: This is an important vitamin for the production of bone marrow and this bone marrow plays an important role in the total functions of the body. Again, the nutrients and food that have high content of vitamin A also have high content of vitamin B12 and hence can be a potent source of curing lower back pain.

Vitamin C: Collagen is extremely helpful for the curing of back pain and can be obtained from foods that are rich in vitamin C. Collagen helps to heal the distressed tendons, injured discs and ligaments at a much faster rate and hence is extremely helpful in curing lower back pain.