Vaginal Candidiasis – A Trouble For Woman

Vaginal Candidiasis is a common fungal infection that affects women. Many women suffering from this disease are unaware that it is vaginal candidiasis. Hence it is important for women to know more about this disease. Here is an overview of Vaginal Candidiasis.

The infection is caused due to fungus called as Candida albicans. It affects the vagina of a woman. The woman complains of profuse curd like discharge from the vagina. There is intense pruritis. Due to severe itching, the woman becomes irritated. It is a very troublesome symptom of this disease. Women often report to doctor due to this symptom of intense pruritis. The itching is aggravated at night and it often disrupts sleep in severe cases.

There is often soreness and oedema of the vulva. Vulva gets swollen due to this infection. Pain during urination (dysuria) is also present. Woman often experiences burning sensation during passage of urine. Another troublesome symptom is dyspareunia which means pain during coitus. Because of pain, woman often refrain from sexual intercourse. But this symptom is occasionally present.

On vaginal examination, inflammation of the vulva is seen. There is redness and swelling of that part. Due to intense pruritus, there is scratching around that area which leaves marks. Hence excoriation and scratch marks are seen in this area. White patches or plaques of cheesy curd like material adherent to the vagina are seen. When these patches are manually removed, multiple petechiae like haemorrhagic areas are seen. So advice is given not to try to remove these patches.

In some cases, only inflammation is present and white patches are not seen. But a watery, mucopurulent discharge is always present. Visit a dermatologist if you have any such symptoms. This fungus flourishes in an acidic medium with an abundant supply of carbohydrates. So it is common in pregnancy as there is increased vaginal acidity and high glycogen content during pregnancy. Diabetic women also needs to take extra care as in diabetics also there is high glucose available. Use of antibiotic creams, and hormonal contraceptive pills also predispose to this condition.

This condition can be easily treated. But recurrences are common. So it is important to take proper complete treatment. Antifungals are given for the treatment of this disease. Along with treatment, good hygiene and wearing cotton undergarments is advised.