5 Natural Cures To Foot Numbness



5 Natural Cure To Foot Numbness

Numbness in the foot can be one of the commonly seen problems that we might have experienced at least one time in our life time. 

The affected person may lose the sensation on the foot and may experience deadness. This problem is caused due to the decreased blood circulation over the feet. Wearing tight shoes, an injury on the foot, problem of cholesterol etc. can be the reasons behind the problem of decreased blood circulation. Feet numbness can also appear as a symptom for many of the diseases like diabetes, vascular diseases etc.

Symptoms Of Foot Numbness

Inflammation of foot is one of the important symptoms of feet numbness. Weakness in the leg can be regarded as a symptom for foot numbness. The individual may also face severe pain on the foot.

5 Natural Cures For Foot Numbness


Compressions For Foot Numbness

Both hot as well as cold compresses are beneficial in curing the problems of foot numbness. Placing a cloth by dipping in hot water, over the foot can be helpful in increasing the circulation. Applying ice packs over the foot for about 10 minutes can also help in curing the numbness at a faster rate. This will help in the muscle contractions and relaxations. Performing these compresses once in every day can be regarded as an important remedy for the problem.


Exercises are considered to be the most important remedy in the case of foot numbness as well as many other ailments. Doing exercises regularly can help in increasing the blood circulation and hence can also help in relieving from the ailments like foot numbness. Walking is one of the major exercises that you can do as a first thing in every day. This can be helpful in improving the blood flow. Swimming is also found to be valuable in curing the problem of same.

Exercises For Foot Numbness

Foot Positioning

Foot numbness can be caused due to certain positioning of your foot. This should be found out and you should try to change the specific habit to avoid further problems. Placing your foot over a pillow while sleeping can be beneficial in avoiding the problems of foot numbness. Keeping your foot elevated can be helpful in boosting the blood flow. This is another home cure for the problem of foot numbness.

Positioning For Foot Numbness


Cholesterol being one of the main causes for the problem of foot numbness, there is a need to decrease the cholesterol level. Cholesterol can reduce the blood circulation. Cholesterol can be dropped by following a healthy diet. Eating a lot of fresh fruits and fibrous food items can be beneficial in reducing the cholesterol level. Beans, whole grains, broccoli, apple etc. are some of the food items rich in fiber. Consuming these food items along with other diets can help in reducing the problem of cholesterol and hence can help in curing foot numbness.

Diet For Foot Numbness

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential Vitamin which helps in increasing the blood circulation. Consuming Vitamin B12 rich foodstuffs like oyster, fish eggs, liver, cheese, lamb etc. in abundance can be helpful in curing the problems of foot numbness.

Vitamin B12 For Foot Numbness